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Intro to Better Photography

Whether you shoot with film or digital equipment, if you’ve been shooting for a while or just starting out, this course has something for you. “Introduction to Better Photography” is a comprehensive class covering the basics of photography in great detail.




Here’s a breakdown of just some of the topics covered…

Equipment – learn more about the gear you already have (and want). What to buy and what not to buy.
Digital – basic workflow techniques for editing, saving, archiving and sharing etc.
Exposure – take control of those mysterious shutter and aperture settings
Composition – make every photo more interesting with better composition skills
Photoshop – mystified? Turn your images to black and white in a snap, learn about layers, cropping and re-sizing, curves and levels, etc.

No previous photography experience necessary.
The course runs for 6 classes in total, which includes 5 evenings and 1 field trip (typically on a Saturday morning – date TBA). Students should be prepared for a little “homework” between classes, as there will be an assignment relating to the topic of the week. Includes a set of class notes.

Requirements: Students should have an SLR (single lens reflex) camera, film or digital. Alternately, a Digital Camera with some ability to override automatic functions.