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2016, 2017 and onward

Hey all,

So … yea what the heck? No blog posts.


I had good intentions in 2016 to post more regularly, and then I felt we were shuffling and posting more, and having more interaction, through social media – especially Instagram. Then Linnea and I thought Instagram made more sense, as we actually wondered who reads blog posts for the most part anymore anyways. While we realize that some do, it was far easier to work through Instagram. And while we found at times there were more personal posts, we decided to merge bdp’s account to the two of us posting.

So we are still working away. We’ve both been absent some –  but we are taking pictures – Linnea in BC and myself in MB. We both work full time in other fields as well, and we will continue to post any projects we are working on but look for them on Instagram. The future of this blog for the time being will look to likely be pretty quiet. We’re still kicking around here – just in a bit more of scaled back sense for myself in family portraits with limited bookings, and working on some personal projects, and may look at offering some photography classes in the spring with our local arts council.

As always, feel free to message us with any questions or comments – I always love hearing from you!


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2015 – gone just like that

Well, 2015 seemed to be here and then gone, in a blink. Really.

I know, I hardly posted last year. At all.

Let’s be honest, it’s was a busy year and everyone is busy, and we are all running around from one thing or to the other. In all of that, I had intentions to post, but my blog was left neglected. At one point I thought about pulling the blog section off my site completely. For a couple of reasons – I no longer do “sneak peeks” on my blog for clients (or on FBland for that matter) as I had decided that I wanted my clients to be the first to see their images, and for them to have the privilege to share their favourite(s). While I get really excited about seeing some of the images captured, I also didn’t want to put out their next announcement image, or family Christmas card, or the best image for Grandma & Grandpa, just for everyone to see over social media. But I decided against it – even though all business articles will tell you a blog left with no recent posts is a killer for your business. (Not true in this case.)

While 2015 was busy not only with black dog sessions and teaching some photography classes, I left one teaching job in a community I had grown to adore to be closer to home, only to end up in a term teaching position in my own home community. I had intentions to do more this fall with black dog. But while I love photography, I love being around and working with kids as well. This last fall, I learnt a lot working with the class that I had, and have been again inspired with a project idea… Other things – in late spring, I tried a project 52 with a friend and I utterly failed in posting to that within a month – but I still want to try to accomplish one, maybe this will happen this year. I’ve also been working through an on-line art class – that I haven’t spent nearly enough time on, but also am still excited about the creative prospects there.

So here’s to another day gone by, the start of a new year, but in reality it’s just another day that has passed. We will see what 2016 brings for black dog. I’m excited as I have some ideas brewing around in my head, and am hoping in the near future I can get some of these ideas out of my head and into action!

I would also like to thank all the clients I have had in the past and presently. To hear your comments about the work that I love to do, to see your faces light up with smiles, your eyes well up while looking at an image, when you take a moment to stop and thank me in person or thank me in a note, I am humbled. Your words lift me up and make me want to take on more, to create more, to go with more ideas that I have and to take off with that. Thank you for trusting in me, in my artistic expression.

That being said, I will share now some of MY favourite images of 2015 (one very late Dec 2014 – yes I’m that behind in blogging…) from sessions. And I think my blog will remain up for now. I will try to post more frequently, albeit it just may be the odd random image, or it may go in the direction of photo education. I haven’t quite decided yet. But I appreciate you stopping by, to check in to see what is new with black dog.


BDP_6469bw  BDP_6005  BDP_5735  BDP_5779quoted  BDP_0680  BDP_4870-wordart  BDP_4660  BDP_0569  BDP_2249bw  BDP_2077bw  BDP_4267bw  BDP_3632  BDP_2958  BDP_2977  BDP_2397comp  BDP_9428  BDP_9209   BDP_0891   BDP_1444  BDP_9154  BDP_0855  BDP_5253bw  BDP_5278bw  DSC_8460  BDP_8741coloured  BDP_0584  BDP_0545  BDP_5145  DSC_7866web   BDP_3178punchyBW   bdp-2    bdp-1


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Iguana Cool Down

An “Orange Iguana” takes a much needed shower to cool down after posing for numerous photos with tourists on the beaches near Playa del Carmen, Mexico.  The word iguana is derived from the original Taino name for the species, ‘iwana’.  The Taino were the indigenous people of the Caribbean.


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Hazy Days

As we all know, dry, hot summers produce multiple forests fires every year.  These images capture some of the thick smoke produced from a 700 hectare fire that burned near Nordegg, AB in July.  The fire started from a lightning strike, and spread quickly in a forest that has not seen any wildfires in 400 years.IMG_1496 IMG_1512 IMG_1602


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Lone tree in canola

This is one of my favorite “lone” trees. I have an image of it all covered in hoarfrost from a few winters ago, now to get this with it surrounded by canola. My aim is to go back in fall if it permits to get a fall image and eventually a spring one. Then I want to do this big four square wall of images. Can’t wait.



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